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Cleaning an are rug can be a difficult task for dyi and may likely lead to a headache, unpleasant results, even damage.  That is why you should always first consider a professional cleaning and let trained certified technicians handle the task.

Fact is people will try first to clean a rug themselves, using over-the counter products that leave residue and cause pro-longed damage that they themselves cannot reverse. 

Our approach will give your area rug the love and attention that it requires.


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✔️Why should you clean your rug with us?

We here at dream steemers know that some companies will clean your precious rug at your home.  

This often leads to damage to floors, rug shrinkage, and may also have pro-long damage to the fibers when done by an aggressive un-certified technician using harsh chemicals.  Not rinsing and neutralizing these chemicals before leaving your home, using aggressive tools and techniques, not properly setting up or cleaning up post work or drying, will often leave this type of damage.  

These mistakes can be avoided by giving your Area rug the love that it deserves in our state of the art rug spa.  Our rug spa will ensure no damage is done to fine-fabric area rugs, provide the best possible cleaning without leaving any residue or damage behind, and avoiding any damage to your home during the cleaning process.

✔️A perfect clean requires a proper method

✔️Why do our clients love our end product? ✔️ Because we provide proper attention from start to finish

Not only will you be happy with how clean your rug comes back to your home, you'll be surprised at how soft and fluffy it will be returned as well.  

You'll simply want to lie down on it, and roll around! 

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✔️Pleasant customer service

✔️ Is my rug ready? You call | We take action

We all use banks.  Would you use a bank that can't tell you where your money is?

The answer is a simple "NO".

At dream steemers we take pride in customer service.  Loyalty to our clients, respect and integrity is what will make us stand out to you.

Getting your rug back to you in a timely manner is our responsibility.  We will never frustrate you with stories, excuses and call backs.  At Dream Steemers rug cleaners, our goal, our mission, is to get your rug cleaned & delivered.

We want to see you smiling ear to ear, it is our reward for servicing you!

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✔️Customer reviews


glenn cohn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

 Elvis arrived exactly when he said he would. Was extremely professional and got the job done quickly. I reccomend this company and would use them again. (no hidden charges, everything was explained in detail upfront). 

Jay Singh ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Recently I moved to a new house where carpets in Room needed some attention, after searching online came across Dream Steemers , Their service is excellent , the owner Elvis Bartha was no Kind and patient and explained everything nicely over a phone!

He was right on time requested and work performed was excellent ! The carpets came out really good and price is so reasonable!

Do not hesitate to contact Dream Steemers ! 

Netty Lopez ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best Carpet cleaners in queens. Profession and went above and beyond to help. The people who rented the apartment before us were dirty, filthy people and Elvis did a wonderful job cleaning and renewing the carpet! Looks like new! 

Estrella Saquipulla ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very friendly,  the service I loved ! and the price not bad :) love the result how my carpet turned out to become as new as a first purchase it 👏 

Sam Choong ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

 Elvis is truly a professional, he did an excellent job and make sure every corner of my apartment is clean.  I would highly recommend if anyone is looking for a carpet cleaner. 

Paris mcbryde ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I gave Dream steemer a nightmare of a job,  to be honest I should have just thrown everything away and purchase new carpet and furniture  but I didn’t have enough time so it had to be clean. The job took longer  than expected to complete because everything was so BADLY soiled But he took the time, got it cleaned and brought  everything back to life. But the most important part is that he was so honorable  that he stuck by his original quote and did not try to charge me extra. It’s hard to find Honorable  people nowadays that will get the job done so I highly recommend him.