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Dream Steemers Professional Area Rug Cleaning

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What to expect when using our area rug services


Not all area rug cleaning companies are alike, unfortunately.  A lot of us shop on price, and will go with a lower price expecting the same customer service, trust, integrity, and quality workmanship by every company in our industry.  

The truth is simple actually, not all companies are alike, and in many instances your experience may be disturbing.  At dream steemers, you are guaranteed a pleasant, transparent experience, simply read some of our google reviews.  For all of our services, you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy.


Cleaning an are rug can be a difficult task for dyi and may likely lead to a headache, unpleasant results, even damage.  That is why you should always first consider a professional cleaning and let trained certified technicians handle the task.

Fact is people will try first to clean a rug themselves, using over-the counter products that leave residue and cause pro-longed damage that they themselves cannot reverse. 

Our approach is less aggressive than most companies and will give your area rug the love and attention that it requires.


We here at dream steemers know that some companies will clean your precious rug at your home.  This often leads to damage to floors, rug shrinkage, and may also have pro-long damage to the fibers when done by an aggressive un-certified technician using harsh chemicals.  Not rinsing and neutralizing these chemicals before leaving your home, using aggressive tools and techniques, not properly setting up or cleaning up post work or drying, will often leave this type of damage.

These mistakes you can avoid by giving your Area rug the love that it deserves in our state of the art rug spa.  Our rug spa will ensure no damage is done to fine-fabric area rugs, provide the often times necessary and best possible cleaning without leaving any residue or damage behind.


We specialize in damage done to area rugs, such as wine stains, red artificial dye stains, Urine damage, Moth damage, burns, holes, mold ETC


We provide monthly | quarterly service to commercial businesses that require periodic cleanings to maintain appearance. 

Call us today to receive an accurate over the phone estimate, and discuss a solution to your cleaning or area rug repair today!

A general time-frame of when to expect delivery from original pick-up date is 10-15 business days for area rug cleaning.  Repairs may take additional time, depending on the situation.  If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call

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