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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you offer any specials or discounts?

We have a referral system in place, and have seasonal sales. We also have a flat rate pricing structure so you'll always have the best bang for your buck!  

Sure you have other companies that will have a "Lower price", but that's to get them inside your house.  From there that 3 room $99 special will balloon to a $300-$500 charge to get your carpet "clean".  And if even that, will your carpet or upholstery be cleaned?  Some companies are using methods that will damage or even void warranty of the fabrics that are being cleaned.  You'll be charged for everything from a simple pre-spray, to even scrubbing in the pre-spray.

As IICRC certified technicians, we are ethical, and up-front about our service.  No games, we will simply get your stuff as clean as we were trained to do it!  Was the previous technician you let in your home to clean your Rug, Carpet, Upholstery, and Tile certified?

How long until it dries?

Carpet will dry in 4-6 hours, adding scotchgard will create a longer dry-time.  Upholstery dry-times similar to carpet.  

Ask about our "Dry Cleaning" process using very low moisture will dry by the time we leave, or within 1 hour.

Can I walk on the carpet while it's wet?

When the carpet is moist, it can cause rapid re-soiling.  We suggest not to walk on the carpet with shoes until they are dry.  

What is Pet Odor Treatment?

Urine areas will be topically treated, removing stain/smell.  An additional charge will be added for areas that need heavy treatment.

What are Scotchgard dry times?

Adding this protective coating will take significantly longer to dry whether on upholstery or carpet.  Please allow to completely dry before going back to regular usages.

What are your steps to clean our carpets/Upholstery?

As IICRC certified technicians, we simply follow the basics of carpet cleaning.  

If you hired a company that doesn't do this to the item cleaned, no worries.  Give us a call and we'll clean up their mess, or simply use us next time.

Basics of our restorative cleaning process:

  • Pre-vacuum 
  • Pre-spray Traffic Lanes, pre-treat spots and stains
  • CRB scrubbing / agitate detergent into  spots and stains
  • Hot Water Extraction (Deep Steam cleaning) / Rinse
  • Scotchgard Fiber protection (additional charges will apply)

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