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Pre-vacuum / Pre-treat & spot / Power scrub / Steam Cleaning

How Does Dream Steemers Clean Your

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A break-down of what to expect

Our CLEANING PROCESS on every job:

  • Pre-spray spots/stains/traffic lanes
  • Power Scrub using a CRB
  • Deep Steam Cleaning Rinse

We are IICRC certified, providing Quality state of the art cleaning techniques using the latest technology in the industry.

We feel our cleaning process is special by using these 4 important steps.  If your carpet was just cleaned by a 1 or 2 step process company, They are not cleaning to IICRC standards.

Give us a call, we'll fix what the other carpet company left in your carpets! 

We offer only the best, most thorough cleaning process available.  Our flat rate pricing ensures no high pressure sales tactics experienced by other cleaning companies.

We as carpet cleaning nerds, will know exactly what to do for your specific problem! 

We will go over what areas will need to be cleaned and spotted before work begins.  Pet stains and red stains may require extra attention, expectations will be also discussed before work begins.

We will never try to sell you anything, our flat rate pricing is affordable and ethical.  We have a minimum charge for the first area, and $30 per room thereafter.  Prices may change at anytime, please call for an accurate estimate for your project, you may also view our online prices by clicking here (ONLINE PRICES).  Our current minimum is $70 for the first room (3-1-2018)